25 May 2007

More teaching

Jody and I taught again this morning from 9:30-11:30AM. I worked with Han Xiao playing Lantier. I first met him and heard him play at the World Saxophone Congress in Slovenia in 2006. He was only 14 and already demonstrated a lot of talent. This is a student that is going somewhere and I will keep my eyes on him.

We had lunch with Tang at the hotel and waited for Alexander Tutunov to arrive. Alex arrived and went right off to teach at the piano institute. Jody and I went to the historic district Wuhouxu and the city center. In the evening I rehearsed Mr. Li's saxophone ensemble in preparation for our tour next week. We leave tomorrow for the tour. We had a banquet dinner with Han Xiao's family. His English is very good and speaks with an Australian sounding accent.

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