31 July 2010

Siskiyou Saxophone Workshop Last Day

Thanks everyone. This has been the best workshop yet! I don't know how we top the 10 + 1 performance. See you next year.

30 July 2010

Siskiyou Saxophone Workshop Day 4

Last night the quartets and small ensembles performed on the Britt Festival grounds before the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Concert.

Today at 3PM is the closing concert with the saxophone orchestra. The concert will include the west coast premiere of 10 + 1. Don't miss it!

28 July 2010

Siskiyou Saxophone Workshop Day 3

Wednesday afternoon we had free. Some of the workshop participants went rafting, some went to a play, a few practiced and I went with the Sichuan entourage to Crater Lake. Tomorrow come see us performing before the Britt concert.

Siskiyou Saxophone Workshop Day 2

27 July 2010

Siskiyou Saxophone Workshop

Images from Day 1 of the workshop

Two Bass Saxophones!

Dr. Bleuel conducts

New and old bass saxophones

Siskiyou Saxophone Workshop

The 10th Annual Siskiyou Saxophone Workshop has started. Above John Bleuel rehearses the Workshop Saxophone Orchestra. They will perform Friday at 3PM in the SOU Music Recital Hall.

This year we are excited to have special guest Professor Li Yusheng from the Sichuan Conservatory of Music and his students Mei Song, Han Xiao, Wang Yuran and Pu Zhu. They will perform tonight at 7PM in the SOU Music Recital Hall along with the Globe Saxophone Quartet.

23 July 2010

Ashland Chamber Music Workshop 2010 Week 2 Day 5

This is our last day for 2010. Join us next year July 15-22. We are also on facebook-Ashland Chamber Music Workshop.