26 May 2007

Evening in Chongqing

Many westerns aren't as familar with Chongqing as Shanghai or Beijing but it is a major city in China. It is an autonomous city out side of provincial government. It is one of four independent provincial municipalities (Beijing, Shanghai and Tiajin). Chongqing is at the beginning of the Yangtze river that ends in Shanghai so it is a major shipping city. It is known for its very hot and spicy food. The students at Sichuan also informed me that Chongqing has the most beautiful women in China. Mr. Li and his wife are originally from Chongqing. After the banquet we hit the streets. We strolled the city center and then took a cab to the other side of the river to view the night life. Here are a few photos of Chongqing in the evening.

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