31 January 2009

Program for Attack of the 50ft. Saxophone

Siskiyou Saxophone Orchestra
Rhett Bender, Artistic Director
Attack of the 50ft. Saxophone!
Pre-concert music presented by Equal Opportunity Quartet and Standard Issue Saxophone Quartet


Canzona XV Giovanni Gabrieli (c.1555-1612)
arranged by Jean-Marie Londeix

Chant Sacré Hector Berlioz (1803-1869)
reconstitution Jean-Marie Londeix
Heather Tomiyama, conductor

Celluloid Randall Snyder (b.)
Attack of the 50ft. Saxophone
Dorothy’s Sarong
The Rondo That Never Sleeps

Variations on “America” Charles Ives (1874-1954)
arranged by Paul Cohen

Sing Sing Sing Louis Prima (1910–1978)
arranged by Vicki T. Purslow
Dr. Vicki T. Purslow, conductor

Devil’s Rag Jean Matitia (b.1952)

25 January 2009

Attack of the 50 ft. Saxophone Redux

This is what Andrew created with photoshop using our original photo with a picture of the sopranino gone evil. I think we'll have to have two posters for this concert. How can SSO top this?
You can see the original photos in the previous post

23 January 2009

Attack of the 50ft. Saxophone!

We are three weeks into the winter term and four weeks away from the next concert. Time to start getting the publicity together. One of the featured pieces Celluloid by Randall Snyder, has a movement titled Attack of the 50ft. Saxophone. Can't beat that for a concert theme and a catch-phrase to rally the publicity around.

Jody suggested the superb poster idea of a giant saxophone attacking the SSO. We took 15 minutes at the end of the rehearsal for some "we're being attacked by a giant saxophone" photos. My original idea was to then photoshop a huge bass saxophone or better yet, a giant Tovi with a bass saxophone attacking the group. For good measure I took a few shots of the sopranino against a white background thinking it would look mightier with all of its tiny key work enlarged to the requisite 5oft.

But as I was proofing the photos on a digital light table I noticed that in some of the pictures of Tovi, there were a few saxophonists 20ft behind him in the background—tiny. I got one of those "duh, why didn't you just do it that way moments." Next rehearsal I called the troops back in for a quick shot of a foreground Tovi and a background SSO. Stopped down the Nikon for a large depth a field and turned out a pretty decent photo of a larger than life Tovi with a 50ft saxophone. With a single photo and thirty minutes on the Mac we had our poster.

I sent Andrew the original photos. Maybe he'll get inspired and great the original poster idea in photoshop. I got the virus that is publicity by creating the event on facebook. The next step is to write the press release and create the program. You have to keep feeding the publicity machine.

11 January 2009

First week of classes

I'm a week late for this congratulations. SSO's tenor saxophonist, Kirsten Campbell, won Miss Rogue Valley last weekend. Kirsten took first in the talent competition, playing saxophone of course, and will compete for Miss Oregon in June. To read the full Mail Tribune article click here.

Kirsten is a first year student at SOU and has been coming to the Britt Saxophone Workshop for the past three years. She is majoring in criminology and plays tenor saxophone in both the Siskiyou Saxophone Orchestra and the Standard Issue Saxophone Quartet.

The week ended with an exciting performance by Canadian ensemble Quartetto Gelato presented by Chamber Music Concerts. After a few minutes of terrible confusion regarding the new seats prior to the downbeat, Gelato gave an entertaining concert, "Amore." These pictures barely capture Gelato's enthusiastic show enjoyed by a packed house.
We are very fortunate to have Quartetto Gelato in residence for the entire upcoming week thanks to a generous donation from Jim Collier. Each day this week Gelato will visit a public school and present a program of music. Additionally there will be an accordion master class, lectures on promoting an ensemble and being a professional musician, performing for Friday's convocation and a presentation for the School of Business. On Tuesday at 12PM the Siskiyou Saxophone Orchestra and SOU Percussion ensemble will be hosting Gelato's lecture on the business of music and promoting your ensemble. Complete residency schedule
Quartetto Gelato was last in Ashland in the spring of 2006. Since then they have had 50% of their ensemble change. New are clarinetist Kornel Wolak and cellist Carina Reeves. Returning members are violinist Peter De Sotto and accordianist Alexander Sevastian.

This was the first concert with the Recital Hall's new seats. The chairs themselves were well received but we discovered a major problem when the sold out audience tried to find their reserved seats–10 rows had either seats added or subtracted. Apparently this drastic change to the seating chart was not discovered by SOU. It may not sound like a big deal but most of the seat changes removed seats from the "premium" section. This is the section where some season ticket holders and donors have purchased the same seats for nearly twenty years. Everyone at the Department of Music and CMC is hoping the contractors will return quickly and rectify the situation.