25 May 2008

Preparing to Leave for China

I leave early tomorrow morning for Beijing. From there I will take a domestic flight to Chengdu. My original plan was to teach 5 days in Chengdu at the Sichuan Conservatory and then 3 days in Beijing at the Central Conservatory. Because of the massive earthquake in Sichuan it is clear that it won't be a normal trip. I'm afraid I may not be able to get to Chengdu. Teaching saxophone is not deemed essential earthquake relief. After talking with Brent last night I was gaining confidence I'd be able to get to Chengdu. This morning I heard on the news of a major after shock, 5.4, and a death from the aftershock. Many citizens of Chengdu are sleeping outside afraid of devastating aftershocks. I will probably talk to China one more time tonight before I leave. I picked up a tent at Costco to deliver to Mr. Li.

John Darling at the Medford Tribune wrote an informative piece published today (click here). Thanks John. A few corrections:
Qi Wenjen plays guitar
Tang's parents are not "homeless." Their home is fine but they are afraid to stay in it.

When I find internet, I'll update this blog. Students, keep studying and practicing while I'm away. I will be!

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